Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sew Happy!

Okay, so I know that most of you know that I have only known how to sew for about 6 months...totally a rookie. And you probably also know that it has kind of taken over my life...I mean I don't need rehab or anything...well, maybe...is denial the first step to recovery? Hmm...anyway, all I know is that it is keeping me busy and the projects just keep flowing. So, this week I just finished up two major home projects...drapes and, oh yes, the rumors are true...a duvet! I know, aren't you so excited...I am SUPER excited about them!

Well, I started the drapes a while back...and when I mean start, I mean I searched for fabric. As is typical with me, I saw what I wanted but just couldn't find it. After many days searching the good ol' world wide web I found it! Black Damask by Michael Miller...FABULOUS! So, then I ordered and yup, you guessed it...it sat in my "studio" that's what I call my sewing room...doesn't "studio" have a much better ring to it? Anyway, it sat in my "studio" for a few months. Finally, I had the rods, clips, fabric, etc...but was working on getting my hubby to put the rods up so that I could finish these bad boys up.

Here they are, finished and hanging in all of their fabulous glory! I made a total of four panels...I still need to do a cornice box for over the sliding door and then something for a window in our kitchen that is on the same wall as the dining area. Hmmm....

Here is the family room area...sorry it is kinda dark
And the dining area...

Close up of the family room and dining area

So, what do you think?


  1. LOVE them! LOVE the print! so fabulous!

  2. You are amazing! LOVE the damask and I love the duvet too. And the funniest part is as I read your writing it's like totally hearing you talk....:)