Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Week Full of Whimsy!

Isn't it funny how things can be going along, kind of calm, and then all of a sudden it is crazy? Well, I can't say that things are totally crazy...trust me it could get so much worse...but this past week I have been quite busy with my "whimsy" venture. Strangers are actually buying my dresses...crazy, right? The Etsy orders keep on coming. Even though I love to make things for those I have never met, I really enjoy making something special for those I love and care about. So, when my sweet friend Erin asked me to make some gifts for her friends I was so excited. Here's what she designed and I created:Perfect for the future "Executive!"Gotta love anything personalized! And...the "piece de resistance"...say it out loud...it really adds to the story...I promise!Seriously, is this not precious! Erin, I love your ideas and thank you for letting me create this. Total side note...a word to anyone associated with JoAnn's...what is the deal with you not carrying every fabric I fall in love with? Yup, you heard it right...three times in the past couple of months I have purchased some fabric, fallen in love with it...and then, when I need more...it is no where to be found...ANNOYED!
Now, on a totally different note...check out my home project. I am in love with it! So, my long lost friend, Carrie...check out her blog All Things Llanos on the sidebar...is always doing amazing home projects. She also has some cool links to other blogs that she says she "stalks"...which I love...and I myself have found myself "stalking" her "stalked" blogs. So, one of my favorites, Thrifty Decor Chick, had a project she had done in her home with wooden squares and scrapbooking paper. Well, I took the idea, twisted it a bit, gave it my name...literally...and I love it. It is three artists canvases that I bought at Michaels. Then used Modge Podge and paint to"glue" damask printed scrapbook paper on top. After a few coats of paint and Modge Podge, a few dark brown accents to give it a bit of an aged feel, and some black paint, I have this really cool monogrammed wall decor to hang in my entry way. How cool is that? And the best part...it only cost about $15...yay for that!!!


  1. I {heart} it!

    Really, really, really, love the canvases. I have nine scrapbook papers picked out for this exact project for over my dining room table! Great minds think alike!

  2. Um...did I see you at Buchanan last night? I was going to yell at you and then I thought, how embarrasing would that be if it was her sister or even worse...not her at all....

  3. Yes, that was me! Were you with that big group of people in the stadium? I wish you would have yelled at me...I would have loved to talk to you face to face! :o)

  4. AHHH! I love that these are on here! I just gave them to joanna and sonja and they LOVED it!! Seriously:-) You are wonderful, thanks again for doing it, you have new customers! Talk to you soon (when you get home from cruising and I have a new accent... ;-)