Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sew Excited!

Drum roll please...I know its a bit dramatic but doesn't it make the story already seem more exciting because it has a drum roll?...here is some info on the duvet I made.

It all started when the comforter set I just bought a little over a year ago started to fall apart. Yup, that's right...$250 comforter set from none other than Linens-N-Things...falling apart. Literally, the fabric was just pulling away from itself, not at the seams, not that the cats had tore it, just falling apart. So, first I was beyond annoyed and then I was sad. Sad because I REALLY loved the set. It was a beautiful chocolate brown with the ice blue color. Beautiful embroidery, cool pillows and shams...and I really didn't want to get a new one.

So, I hit the internet running. I searched everywhere for something that was affordable and that I loved and thought Chad could handle...result...nothing of course. Then it hit me...why don't I just make my own duvet? Hmm...now there's an idea. FABULOUS I thought...I can make one that will meet my standards and it will be one of a kind.

Here is what I knew I wanted...my "old" comforter's kind of intricate styling, something that would be durable and easy to clean, something that was soft but not super girlie, something that would coordinate with all of the pillows, sheets, and towels that I already have...so what was I going to do? Well, you'll just have to see...ha ha...teaser I know! :o)

I knew in my mind what I wanted to do. Our old comforter had this band on embroidery. I wanted to make a white duvet, cut out the embroidered band and sew it on to the new white duvet. My problem was trying to figure out how I was going to make the duvet...where was I going to get fabric 108 inches wide...oh ya, did I forget to mention that our bed is a Cal King? I was practically making a circus tent! Lovely...I know. So, back to my problem, I didn't really want a seam down the middle so I wasn't sure what I was going to do. Then it hit me while I was in the shower...yes, that is where I do all of my great thinking...SHEETS!
Sheets, you may say...I thought she was making a duvet? That rhymes...I tell you I crack myself up sometimes! Yes, I did make a duvet. Here is what I did. I went to Target...my sanctuary...and bought two king flat sheets, and a down comforter...all for under $50...amazing I know! Then I sewed the two sheets together like a big giant pillowcase. Next, I cut the embroidery band from the old comforter and get this...I velcroed it to the white duvet. Why velcro? Well, here is why I wanted white...I wanted to be able to throw the duvet in the wash, bleach it and know that it was squeaky clean. How could I bleach something to squeaky cleandom if it had color embroidery on it...well, I couldn't. So, I decided to velcro it, so that when it needs to be washed, I can take off the band, wash the duvet and away we go. Not only that...but, if I get sick of the band...never...I can always switch it out with something else. FABULOUS! So, here are some pics...sorry I don't have step by step ones...I got so excited and carried away that I forgot to take some!
Here is what I started with...no, this is not my bedroom...I wish...just the picture from the website.
Here is my final result...I know, compared to the above photo not nearly as exciting but still...it is step one in a list of many!
Detailed view of the embroidery band that I fell in love with! Yup, good ol' velcro works everytime. So, does my new duvet meet all of my specifications?
1. "Old" comforter's intricate styling...check
2. Durable and easy to clean...check, check
3. Soft but not super girlie...check...come on its brown and blue...total boy colors!
4. Coordinate with my pillows, shams, sheets, and towels...check, check, check and check
5. Affordable...big check...total cost...right around $60!
6. Do I love it...LOVE IT!!!!
7. Can Chad handle it...he likes it as well...I think even better than the "old" one.
Now, was that worth a drum roll or what?


  1. LOve it! And totally gender-neutral!!!

  2. you amaze me. that is beautiful. what talent!

  3. Great idea with the velcro. Very lovely.

  4. HUGE Drumroll! I've got a really pretty comforter that is SOO not my taste (MIL gift so she could buy herself a new one!) Red and gold, Asian inspired. Really pretty. Really not me (or us!) I have it listed on craigslist. If it doesn't go by the end of the month, I'm going to carefully take it apart and see if I can use the insides for another one. I don't even want to make a cover to go over it, I want a completely new outside for it. Painting our bedroom this month (and the rest of the inside of the house and probably outside) so...it needs to look more like us.

    Beautiful embroidery and great idea.