Monday, October 13, 2014

Baby Bump: 18 weeks

Fruit comparison: Not a fruit...but apparently the baby is the size of a bell pepper now.
Boy or girl: It is a...GIRL!!!!!!!!
Yes, we are SUPER excited to be welcoming a little girl into our family. 
We are pretty amazed at how excited everyone else is for us, too. :)
Sick or fabulous: Still not really fabulous...but there has certainly been a drop in the number of random gag moments. The latest ailment is that this sweet little girl must find my bladder to be super comfy because she is sitting right on it 90% of the time. Nothing like feeling like you are ALWAYS about to pee your pants.
Weight gain: Just over 5 pounds...right around 7 pounds on most days.
Cravings: This is one thing that is the same as my last pregnancy...sweets! I currently have brownies, an ollalieberry pie, apple turnover, and cinnamon roll cake in my kitchen. Ha!
Looking forward to: Deciding on a name for this sweet girl. We have a couple in mind but haven't decided on one yet...and it is kind of driving me crazy.
Other updates: I have been feeling Little Girl move and kick for about two weeks now. At first I wasn't really sure it was her...but it is. Chad and Landry have both been able to feel her kick. Landry thinks it is the coolest thing ever and is constantly asking if he can feel his baby sister. So, he spends a lot of his night laying with me, hand on my belly, waiting to feel her kick. :)
Landry's thoughts: To say that he is excited about having a baby sister is an understatement! Many of you might know that he has been asking for a little sister for about a year and a half. He has been set on the idea that the baby was a girl. We took him with us to the ultra-sound appointment and this was our conversation in the car on the way there:
Me: "What do you think, Bubs...still think the baby is a girl? Or do you think it is a boy?"
Landry: "It is a girl."
Me: "Well...we could find out today that it is a boy."
Landry: "Well, we are just going to tell the doctor that we want a girl."
Me: " doesn't exactly work that way. We don't get to choose. Wouldn't you still be happy to have a brother?"
Landry: "No."

Needless to is a good thing it is a girl...otherwise we would have one upset little boy. :)
Here is our little girl!

***I want to share that I stole the idea of this list from a blog that I have fallen in love with...
Little Baby Garvin at
She did this with both of her pregnancies and I loved that she had a quick little list of fun things to look back at...not to mention her adorable chalk board designs. :)

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