Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Baby Bump: 15 weeks

Here we are...15 weeks along!

Fruit comparison: Supposedly the baby is about the size of an apple this week.
Boy or girl: Still unknown...hopefully we will know in a few weeks :)
Sick or fabulous: Well...I'm not sure that I will ever feel "fabulous" this time around. Thankfully I am getting most of my energy back. It hasn't helped that I have spent about 30 hours over the past two weeks at school events/activities. But I feel that we are turning a corner. As far as nausea goes...not sure that will ever go away either. I know that I could be WAY worse...however...I am getting really tired of the random gagging. Anything and everything can bring it on...yay.
Weight gain: almost 5 pounds. People have been VERY kind saying, "You barely look pregnant"...I am not feeling the same way. Don't get me wrong...I love rubbing my belly...but in comparison to last time...I am feeling "large and in charge" for being this early on. As a result...I am pretty much living in maxi skirts. :)
Cravings: Anything and everything. was spinach dip from Save Mart and root beer. Yes, I did stop by Save Mart on the way home and grabbed some of both. :) Overall it has been baked goods, again. Although...a few weeks ago there was a night that I did actually eat a bowl of ice cream and followed it up with a few sweet pickles. Yum...I know.
Looking forward to: My next OB appointment in two weeks when they will schedule our ultrasound to find out if this baby is a boy or girl. :) Also...I'm not going to lie...with this heat, tailgates, and a wedding coming up...I am really looking forward to when I can have a nice, cold, adult beverage again.
Landry's thoughts: He is still super excited about being a big brother. He is also sticking to his belief that he is having a little sister. He likes to remind me that my belly is getting really big and that the baby "just keeps growing." He is very concerned at the moment that we don't have any baby food at the house for the baby. He is quite worried that the baby is going to be born and won't have any food to eat...because he ate it all when he was a baby. :)

***I want to share that I stole the idea of this list from a blog that I have fallen in love with...
Little Baby Garvin at
She did this with both of her pregnancies and I loved that she had a quick little list of fun things to look back at...not to mention her adorable chalk board designs. :)

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  1. You two look so cute (and excited) about the Baby Bump picture and the prospect of finding out whether the bump is a girl or a boy -- D-A-R-L-I-N-G!!! Poppie and I are excited, too ;o) Wish you didn't have to endure the nausea, but you are such a trouper -- and the fact you can still make it to 30 hours of school activities & events is pretty much Wonder-Woman status. Seriously!!! Thanks for doing such a great job of chronicling this second experience. We love it and we love you . . . all of you ;o)