Saturday, July 5, 2014

Movie Date!

 Last week Landry and I got together with Erin and Amy for a movie date!
You might remember that last year we took these two to their first movie, The Lorax, during the $1 summer movies. Once again, Regal Theaters are offering their $1 movies...and I have to say... this summer's movie list is much better than last year's. So, on Wednesday we set out to watch...

Look at these cuties!

Of course it's not a movie without snacks! 
Yes, it is only $1 for the ticket...
but $5,000 for popcorn and a drink. 
Or $5,000.25 if you get a large. :)

Yes, we were, it wasn't planned! :)

The movie was a hit! 
Landry LOVED it and was laughing hysterically through the entire thing. 
At one point I was crying from laughing at Landry's giggle...precious.

As we walked out of the theater these two grabbed hands...future spouses! ;)

They had to take a picture in front of the advertisement for the penguin movie date?

Like all other children, they went right to the arcade games that are near the exit/entrance. Luckily they haven't figured out that they aren't actually playing anything. I'm sure this will be ending very soon. :)

Next up was some playtime in the park area out front.
Unfortunately they knew that the bus took we let them ride the bus a few times.

You might notice that in the background is a photo we HAD to try it out!

Silly face, scary face, smile, and another silly face...
you can see that Landry only got the memo on the smile part!

After all of our fun, we had two hungry and thirsty munchkins. 
So, we finished our date with a little Jamba Juice.

I've said it before...and I'll say it again...I am so grateful for these two and their sweet, little friendship! 
They are pretty much just like their mamas...they can go several months without seeing each other...
but when they do...they pick up right where they left off. :)

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