Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fourth of July Festivities!

Fourth of favorite holiday!
Every year we head over to the Netto's house for a day of swimming, bbqing, dipsy doodling, fireworks, and so much more! 
Never heard of Dipsy Doodle? Only the most competitive, sometimes...who am I kidding...ALWAYS...full-contact, pool game that includes one tooth pick that is left at the bottom of the pool and all of the players stand on the pool deck, waiting for it to float up, and then you all jump in to try and grab the tooth pick. I sounds goofy...but don't knock it till you've tried it. :)

Part of our tradition is that I am in charge of dessert. You all know how I love to keep to the theme...and over the years I have done many variations of  red, white, and blue treats. This year I did a repeat...I know, how could I...but they were such a hit the first time, I had to. 
Nothing says, "America" like red, white, and blue push-pop cupcakes!

And I always like to bring some sort of "healthy" snack...
so I put together some quick strawberry, blueberry, and marshmallow kabobs.

Someone had a REALLY rough afternoon! :)

Don't let the "relaxed" look fool you. 
He was scared, mad, and tense as could be. 
Have I mentioned that my son HATES swimming pools? Yup. HATES them.

After an afternoon of swimming, food, and fun, it was time for...FIREWORKS!
This little one couldn't wait!

Note that the squinty eyes are the look of the night. :)

Landry loves him some sparklers!

Nolan does, too!

Obviously you can't tell from this picture, but Landry got so into the spirit that he started to dance to the very patriotic playlist that Sheri created for us. 
Yes, we have a soundtrack for our fireworks shows...we don't mess around. :)

We had just a "few" fireworks...

and even about 6,943 sparklers!
Does anyone else end up with a BILLION sparklers? 
I mean seriously...we always have a ton and we keep buying less and less and we still have more and more. 
I think it is some evil ploy by the firework companies. :)

I am not seeing the "sparkler joy" in these faces...what about you?

Since Sheri and I are the "amazing" dancers that we are...we were very inspired by one of the musical selections and decided to "perform" our own spontaneous, sparkler-wielding, interpretive dance of patriotism. :)
Here is Sheri getting started...

Clearly my leaps have lost a bit of their form over the years...

and Sheri had a perfectly "choreographed" finale...disposing of her burned out sparkler in the water tub.

Just a little proof that once a pep girl...always a pep girl! :)

Here was my first attempt at getting a pic of Landry and Chad.
Can you feel the joy?
No? Come on...Chad clearly looks thrilled...

and Landry looks a bit frightened of the fireworks behind him.
I promise you he was not even close to being in harm's way...the angle is little off and does look like he is super close...but he wasn't. :)

That's better!

Dave decided to perform his own dance...

with his very own, unique ending!

If you have read about our past 4th of Julys then you know that we have another "tradition" that I like to call, "The Crazy Guys with Fireworks Totem Pole."
Normally Brian will sit on Jake's shoulders, both of them with fireworks in hand, and pose for the cameras.
Sadly, neither Jake nor Brian were able to make it this the tradition had to come to an end. :(

But wait...two other crazy guys tried to re-create it!

Yes, Chad and Ryan attempted...but it didn't have quite the flair that Brian and Jake give it.
Ha, just realized my funny pun. :)

I think it is safe to say that Nolan and Landry were not too sure of what to make of their fathers' actions!

Landry and me...oops squinty eyes...

let's try it again...not so great either...oh well.

As our fireworks show was coming to an end it was time for some dessert!

Sheri and I with our sparklers!

Here is a rather funny series of attempts to get a family picture...

1. Too much smoke.

2. Landry with closed eyes.

3. Landry and I are smiling...and Chad...not so sure. :)

4. Oh forget it already!

Look at these two cute "boys" father, like son!
If you can't tell...Frank is standing on his tippy toes trying so hard to be taller than Davis.

Thank you Netto's for once again, another fabulous 4th of July celebration!

We wouldn't miss it...ahem..unlike some "other" people. ;)

You always know that is was a good party when you crash out in the car, are carried to bed, dead asleep...but you still have a firm grip on your glow stick!

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