Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Yesterday was Chad's 35th birthday...yup...he is now getting closer to 40 and farther away from 30! :o) If you aren't on Facebook and you missed this he is as a young high school basketball player!

While Daddy was at work we made him a "birfday" cake. Landry chose everything for the cake 
"aw by himsewf!"

Landry was so excited to use the "big mixer." First step...dumping the mix into the bowl...
that's the way we bake around here. :o)

Then comes the oil and water...

Mommy added the eggs and then it was time to watch the mixer do it's job!

"I need to tir it, Mommy!"

Then it was time for our cake to bake...and for Landry to take a nap! :o) 
Once he woke up the cakes had cooled and it was time to frost!

"Can I ha some?"

"What are you looking at?"

After frosting comes the "pinkles!" You can see that Landry is staying consistent with his theory that all of the "pinkles" should be one spot!

The happy "pinkler!'

"Do I have something on my face?"

Chad decided that he wanted to go to sushi for was like it was my birthday, too! :o)
So, we headed to our FAVORITE sushi place...

Landry loves it, too! Even though he doesn't get sushi, he is a huge fan of the miso soup, salad, terriyaki chicken...and CHOPSTICKS!!!

He is quite a "pro" with the chopsticks!

After dinner it was time for cake with "fire" as Landry says. He couldn't wait for me to turn on the "fire!"

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Chad had some help blowing out his much so that even some of the "pinkles" got blown off the cake!

We hope you know how much we love you, Daddy...Chad! 

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  1. Oh, what a happy assistant baker! Daddy is one lucky guy to have such a loving wife and son -- and we love all three of you!!!

    Love, Poppie & GG