Saturday, January 26, 2013

Best Buddies

So, it has been awhile since my last post...that can only mean one thing...WORK! has been a crazy 3 weeks. Sorry for the absence...I have about 3 posts to do to get "caught up". I decided to start with this one because I know of a mama out there that is being very patient about seeing some these adorable pictures. :o)
Many of you know my dear friend Erin...
she and I have been friends for about 8 years now...if I did my math right. :o) We were both pregnant with our first babies at right around the same time. It was so fun to share the experience together and to know that our little ones would be friends for life.
Fast forward and here we are with 2 crazy little ones that absolutely LOVE each other! Landry and Amy are so funny together and have so much fun.
Over the winter break we went to Amy's house for a play date. Of course...they had a blast! They painted, played outside, played with blocks, and after Landry really got warmed up...which was after about an hour and a half...they literally ran all over the house like crazy kids...with crazy hair! Here are a couple of pics:
I "stole" this one from Erin's Facebook page. :)
Erin and I decided that we needed to get together again, ASAP, for another playdate! So...what better day than MLK day? This time we were the hosts...and to say that both Amy and Landry were too excited is an understatement. Neither kiddo wanted to go to sleep the night before because they both wanted to play with each other...which meant both of us mommies had to pull the, "If you don't go to sleep then we won't be able to play with Amy/Landry." :o)
They quickly found their "groove" and were running around, bouncing in the trampoline, on beds, playing with play dough, etc!
After warming up their bouncing skills they decided that the dancing cow, a bunch of balls, and many other stuffed animals needed to join in the fun.
Pretty soon they decided to take their bouncing skills to a new level...our bed!
Time for a quick rest!
Now it is time for more bouncing!
These two are so crazy together! They could not be more opposite and yet they have so much fun together...which makes both of our mommy hearts so happy. I cannot wait to watch their sweet friendship continue to grow and I am so thankful to have a sweet friend to share these memories with!
Here is a quick look at their friendship "through the years!" :o)
First of many coffee dates!
Landry 10 months...Amy 8 months
First trip to the zoo together!
 Landry's 1st birthday
Play date fun... another "steal" from Erin's FB page.
2nd Annual Zoo Trip
Landry's 2nd birthday
Seriously...could these two be any cuter? I cannot wait to update this little timeline as they continue to grow up. Who knows...maybe there will be prom pictures...or even wedding pictures in our future? :o)

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