Sunday, October 30, 2011


I warned you in my last post...I wasn't joking...of course I had to take another stab at the pumpkin patch this year! If you remember, last time...he HATED the pumpkins...this time...well, I think we have improved a we just dislike them. ;o)
So many people had been talking about a great place in Reedley...Hillcrest Farms. So, today we headed out. Yes, I was able to talk Chad into spending part of his Sunday at the pumpkin patch. :o) I have to is an adorable place...and like the Avila Barn...we will be back next year...and many more after that!

Hillcrest has all of these adorable little spots just waiting for crazy moms like me to stick our children in! :o) As you can see...we started off on a good note!
 Yes, the binky is in our, we are not smiling...but...we certainly aren't screaming...yet! :o)
 One of the many cute features of this pumpkin patch is an adorable, old, vintage truck that they have loaded up with pumpkins and hay. Perfect for adorable pictures of your little ones...or even the whole family. We chose to visit on Sunday...the day before Halloween..yup...lots of people...all wanting pictures of their child or family on the adorable, old, vintage truck. :o) So, I wasn't able to get a picture of the whole truck...partly because I didn't want strangers in my picture...and partly because I didn't have the patience to wait for it to be clear...we would still be there! :o)

And now...cue the tears. Yup...we had reached out more pumpkin pictures!
 "I more pictures!"
 "Fine...I'll touch it...but I'm not going to be happy about matter what you do!'
 Did I mention that this adorable little place has a train? Yup, a really cute little steam train! Did I mention it only cost $3 to ride it? Of course we rode the darling train!

Handsome and me
 Handsome and Daddy
 Listening to the conductor blow the whistle...ALL ABOARD!
 Landry thought the train was pretty cool at first...then he seemed kind of bored by it. Wonder who he gets that from? :o)

 Hillcrest Farms is really too cute for words! They have a fun little path that you can walk through their forest. They have the adorable train, perfect picture spots, hay rides, corn paths, pumpkins, and even food. Um...yup...they have corn dogss! Not just any corn dogs..."fair" corn dogs! better believe we bought one! :o)

"You think my tractor's sexy?"
 (Sorry...I know...slightly inappropriate using the word "sexy" in a caption for a picture with my sweet child in it...but I couldn't resist! :o) This is just another one of the 5,678 adorable photo spots they have!)

All in all it was a great afternoon. Like I said...we will definitely be back next year...until then...we get to have this cool dude in the backseat! :o) It's how he rolls!!!!!
***I was able to use the word "adorable" 8 times in one post. You don' have to thank me! :o)

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  1. You, my dear, are too adorable!!! You have no idea how much I love & appreciate your postings and pix. When I'm feeling separated by miles, I come to Whimsy to make me feel all warm & fuzzy. Love You, GG