Saturday, May 21, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Day

Each year, the parents at our school go above and beyond to show us how much they appreciate our hard work. Each group of room moms works together to create a poster that is displayed outside of each room. We always look forward to seeing what the class has created and every year they get more and more creative. This year, my FABULOUS team of room moms really went the extra mile. They created a poster that brought me to tears, captured the awe of everyone who passed by...which is everyone at our school since I am the first class in the hallway, and has put a smile on my face every time I enter my classroom. A little bakcground info on this poster...about two weeks ago, one of the room moms asked for a photo of myself. Since I didn't have any photos of just any of you have a photo of just yourself...I had to send her a wedding was either that or a "belly" shot. The next day she asked if I could e-mail her a picture of Landry and I. Ha...I only have a few hundred of those! So, I sent the pictures...thinking that my head would be photshopped onto someone else's body. I never, in my wildest dreams imagined this...
 Isn't it amazing? One of my room moms created the entire thing herself...I told you...FABULOUS! Did I mention that it is huge...3 feet by 4 feet...huge! This poster, all on its own made my day...then, the team of moms came in and presented me with this...
 a beautiful arrangment of my favorite flowers and gift cards galore.
 Here is my favorite part...each student created their own "fingerprint bug" adorable! Along with this, they gave me a basket of cards from each student. Their kind words once again brought tears to my eyes. The students wanted me to read each card aloud...but I chickened out. I knew that if I read them aloud then I would be a big, blubbery mess. So, instead, I read them to myself during recess...and was a big, blubbery mess. :o)
 Here is a card that was in the arrangement.
When I went into teaching I knew that I would make some amazing relationships with the students I came into contact with. What I was not prepared for was the parents. I will be honest and say, that there have been a few that have stomped on my heart and said things to me that can never be forgiven. But, there is another...much larger group...that has supported, loved, comforted, inspired, and befriended me in ways that they will never know. I have been so blessed to make so many relationships with families that continue on after the school year, after their child moves on to the next grade level, or even on to the next school. From the bottom of my heart...thank you! Thank you for knowing that I love your child like my own and thank you for making my job so will never know the impact you have had on me!

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