Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hi's Landry!

Can you believe that I am already 8 months old? I know Mommy and Daddy can't...they keep telling me to stop growing but I don't think I'm going to listen to them. So what have you been up to? Here's my newest picture with my lion: Well, here's what I have been up to the last month:
  • I had my very first Christmas. I'm not really sure what it was all about but everyone loved on me and kept handing me boxes that they wanted me to do something with.
  • Did you see my two teeth? Yup, I have two now and I am working on some more.
  • I love to play with all of my toys. Mom thinks it is pretty cool that I will keep myself busy so that she can clean-up the house.
  • Have you heard me talk? What about blow bubbles? Those are two of my favorite things to do right now. I love to scream, grunt, squeal, talk, giggle...and of course blow spit bubbles. Everybody thinks its pretty funny!
  • I've decided to hold off on the crawling thing for the moment...its a lot of work! So, instead I just pull myself along the floor like an army soldier. I love it when Mommy or Daddy hold my hands so that I can stand up.

Here is another pic of me...just a bit closer: If you look closely in the next picture you can see one of my teeth...I don't really like to show them off yet but Mommy is pretty persistant.
I gotta go to you soon!

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  1. Eight months already - say it isn't so!! But we know you and your lion don't lie. Happy 8th month anniversary to our precious grandson. Great job on the new "toofies" -- you know, those will be worth some coin one of these days :o) We love you more than peanut butter! GG & Poppie