Friday, November 12, 2010

It's Only the Beginning...

So, we must confess...we are definitely going to be "those parents." You know, the ones who drive all over the place trying to find that one thing that their child really wants for Christmas. The ones that will hunt like mad online to find the best deal on it. The ones that will wake up before any human should be up, so that they can race to the nearest retailer and stand in line with all of the other crazies. Yup, that's us...well, I guess I really!

I do have to say, though...this was BOTH of us. No, we didn't drive all over or wake up and stand in any crazy line. But, we did search online and then I did go to two different Targets. Here is what all of the fuss was about:

Cute...right...duh! I had registered for this little froggy, bouncer, activity center because I loved the fact that it was compact...and let's face wasn't like all the other exersaucer-type-thingies out there. So, obviously I would be attracted to it. :o) Chad and I decided to go ahead and get it since our little man seemed to be getting a little bored with being on the floor. So, I ran out...picked it up...and Chad immediately put it together. We were sooooooooo excited about it. Landry, however...well, he was less than enthusiastic. But he has learned to love it!Yes, we did have to put some phonebooks underneath it so that he can reach the bottom to hopefully jump up and down. He hasn't discovered that yet...oh well!

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