Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lexie Ann...ONE Year!

One year ago, my day started out like this...

I dropped Landry off at Tammy's house 
and we joked about how it would be the last time 
she'd see me with a belly...
and she took this quick picture of Landry and I...
because later in the week,
I was scheduled to have a c-section.

Little did I know that I'd be spending my afternoon
like this...

And that at 3:26 p.m...
we'd be introduced to our beautiful
Lexie Ann.

Seven pounds,
19 1/2 inches,
of pure sweetness.

Man oh man was this little boy
excited to meet you...
and hold you.

You completed our family
and made us a party of four!

So tiny,
and already a bit sassy.

So tiny that I had to make you new headbands...
so that you could wear some bows of course!

And did I mention sassy?
Yes, you gave us a run for our money
the first few weeks...
especially on Thursday nights!

But then...
you were also as sweet,
and cuddly, as can be.

At just a few weeks old,
you already knew how to put on the charm!

We celebrated your first Easter...

and had tons of fun during your first summer...

and smiling...

putting your toes in the sand...

and you quickly decided that you loved
to put everything in your mouth...


And have I mentioned that you're just a bit sassy?
And FULL of adventure?

You were a trooper at your first tailgate...

too bad our 'Dogs didn't have a better record.

During our annual trip to the Avila Barn,

we discovered your absolute LOVE of animals!

The adventures continued...

and we discovered you were not
so excited about being put in a pumpkin.

But you were the cutest little cheetah!

Have I mentioned that you
are rather adventurous?

You loved your first trip to the snow!

Before we knew it...
it was CHRISTMAS!!!

I think it is safe to say that you
weren't exactly a fan of Santa.

But you did love the
Polar Express!

You were less than enthusiastic 
about opening your presents.

After Christmas...
it was back to your "adventures!"

And we are...

celebrating your first birthday!

Lexie Ann...
I don't know how it is possible that you
are one year old already.
You wake up full of life,
ready to tackle the day.
You are still a peanut...
in 9 month clothing...
but you don't let anything get in your way.
You love to cuddle...
but are always looking for a new adventure.
You love to eat...
but only have two teeth,
so your choices are limited.
We love every ounce of you
and are pretty sure that you have
aged us ten years...
in your one year! :)

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