Friday, February 19, 2016

Lexie Ann...11 months

Do you think that if I just stopped
doing monthly updates, 
that she would stop growing?
Probably not.
Which means...
next month...
will be her 1 YEAR update!

I don't have very many pictures for this past month

well, the pictures I do have speak for themselves. :)
This girl is always on the go.
I was trying to get a picture of her 
with her Veggie Straw buffet...
but see that red blur at the bottom?
Yup...that's her fleeing the scene.

So this month she decided to form
a closer relationship with the fridge. 

And she decided to bust through the baby gate.

Oh...and how can I forget her new love
of Tuperware?

So proud of herself!

She still has only two teeth...
though she wishes she had more
because she wants to eat everything in sight.

She started saying, "dada" and "mama"
a month or so ago...but they have definitely
become distinct words now and every now and then
we hear a "bubba" for Landry, "kitty" and "hi."

She hasn't taken any steps yet...but she pulls up and walks
around everything...and climbs anything and EVERYTHING!
She is full of life, pizzazz, and so very much more.

You can't help but love her!
And she is sure to make you smile...
and possibly give you a heart attack. ;)

So, here's to the last few days,
enjoying our baby before she turns 
the big O-N-E on March 2nd.

Lexie have certainly brought
an immense amount of joy to our lives,
smiles on our faces,
and love in our hearts.
We sure are crazy about our Lexie-Loo!

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