Saturday, September 19, 2015

Lexie Ann...6 months

With the first kid you have the pictures all ready,
 blog post is written with up to the minute stats,
what the child likes,
way more info than any other person wants to know about your child,
and published on the day the child hits the next month milestone.

With the second child...well...let's just say it is a little different.
The month milestone comes, goes, 4 days later you realize...
"Oh crap...I have to take the monthly picture."
Then you do a scramble to find pictures on your phone that you took
of that month's big moments. big moments. Huh.
Then you hurry to do a post before the month has come and gone.
#secondchildproblems matter whether it was posted on the day...
or a few days weeks after...
our spunky little Lexie Ann is 6 months old!

Don't you just love that scrunchy face? I sure do! ;)

This past month can easily be described as,
"Lexie is teething."
In looking back at this month's pictures...
there was a common theme...
Lexie will try to eat anything.

Her hair flower...

The stroller handlebar...
while at the Winged Wonders Bird Show
at the zoo...

**Look at Landry watching the show so nicely.**

Potatoe chip bags...

and of course...her thumb!!!!

Don't worry...she did get to eat "real" food this month, too!
As you can see...

she LOVES it!
All of it.
Any of it.
Doesn't matter.
If it is food...
she'll eat it.
Even if it isn't...she'll try.

Here is a video of her having "solid" food for the first time...
it was apple sauce.

Along with her new found love of food,
she loves to...
scream, squak, roll, kick,
jump, escape anything,
put everything in her mouth,
laugh, giggle, be stubborn,
and give you the stink eye if she isn't happy with you.

Here is our attempt at the monthly pictures with LionBear:

"Hey toes!"

" toes...I'm going to get them..."

" close"

"I can almost taste them!"

"Wait...what? You are trying to take my picture? 
But I'm trying to eat my toes."

" you go!"

I know I say it all the time...
and this won't be the last...
this girl cracks us up and 
keeps us on our toes!

And yes...
there are a few times...
when she is peaceful...
fast asleep...

with a finger stuck in her bow! :)

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