Monday, February 7, 2011

A bunch of food pictures...and the Super Bowl!

As we all know...yesterday was "the big game!" Now, I have a few confessions to start off with...1. I LOVE the Super Bowl! Really...I do. I am actually a fan of most sports but watching football is one of my favorites. 2. I love any excuse to "throw a party"...lately they have all been very last-minute, "Hey Chad and Kristin you can host..." kind of things but they are still fun. 3. I only took 1 picture during the game...yup one is a SUPER cute picture...but it is just 1.

Don't worry the title of this post says...I have a lot of pictures of the food. I got a little bored on Saturday, I decided to make some nametags for all of our snacks. Any of you that know me know two things for sure...1. I am very Type A, 2. I love any excuse to put a label on something! So, I am warning are some of our game day snacks...

 And because I am really Type A and get a "bit" carried away with little labels...I even made these for the trash and recycling...yes, I am FULLY aware that I am a bit, just a bit...C-R-A-Z-Y! :o)

 You have to show off your team spirit!
 I put this sign on our front door...just so there wasn't any confusion over who we were rooting for!
 The food "line-up!" We also had Chili "Cheesehead" Dip, Broccoli "Blitz" Slaw, and "McCarthy" Meatballs. Told you. Just a bit C-R-A-Z-Y...and yes, I did Google football terms so that I was accurate with my phrases!
 Don't you worry...Landry was showing his "Packer Pride," too...oh, and did I mention that this adorable, little man was nine, frickin' months old yesterday? More on that later!
 Here is the 1 and only picture I took during the game...our dear friend, Kelley and Landry...told you it was SUPER cute!
 Here is my clean up crew for the after-party...what, you don't see the crew? either...but I did have the cutest "supervisor" ever...he may look harmless but he is a slave driver! :o)

So, there you have it. I warned you...a bunch of pictures of some food...and a few of the cutest baby in the whole entire world. :o) We had an absolutely great time with all of the wonderful friends who came over...thank you, Donovans, Richardsons, Caves, Troy, Brian, Dana, Maggie, and Davis...GO PACKERS!

***Did I mention that we aren't even Packers Fans? Ha!***

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