Friday, October 8, 2010

5 Months

Hi's Landry here!

So, you have probably heard already...I am 5 months old...yup, I know, it's crazy but true! Dad says it's time that I start making a retirement plan. I tell him I plan on taking over the job of the E*Trade baby!
We all know what it means when I get a month has to pull out the camera. I think she's a little crazy with that thing...but I have to say, she is very entertaining. I love to pretend like I don't even know she's there...or better yet, make a really cute face, and then right before the camera takes my picture...change it to something goofy like this: Here's one that made mom really happy:
I know...I'm pretty cute!

Before I show you any more I have to share the latest info with you. So, here are some of my favorite things to do:
  • roll anywhere and everywhere I can get to
  • suck on my thumb
  • watch t.v...yup, its true...I love some good ol' college football games...or racing with my papa!
  • cooing, talking, screaching and laughing
  • playing in my crib until mom or dad come get me in the morning...did I mention that I can get anywhere and everywhere in there? And while I travel around in there...I like to leave a little dribble of something behind. I don't think mom is so fond of it!
  • sleeping, sleeping, and more sleeping
  • anything that makes mom and dad laugh...which is pretty easy to do...I think they think I'm the greatest thing ever...can you blame them?

Have I told you how big I have gotten? About a week ago or so I had my last appointment with Dr. Hubbard and I was a tiny, little 12 pounder. Now, just two weeks later...I'm a whopping 14 pounds! I think it is the rice cereal mom tries to feed me. Have I mentioned that I love to eat? Yup, I will try to eat anything and everything...even my lion!
Well, that's about enough for now. I think mom is working on something for me that is black and has wings. Hmmm...who knows what that lady is up to! Until next time, I send you lots of love, hugs...and slobber!

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